{22} This is going to be very unimpressive.

Let me put it to you straight: I’m in class, I’m tired, and my humour level is scraping the bottom of the barrel this morning. This post is going to be poor. In order to compensate, I’ll try to put in lots of pretty pictures to keep you occupied.

As a medical student, I think the thing I look forward to most is having people believe whatever I tell them.

Apparently searching 'doctor god complex' just gives me lots of Doctor Who spoilers.

It’s a sad fact, however, that the average patient is becoming much better informed than they were ten or twenty years ago. As a result, doctors have patients coming in and demanding treatment before the doctor can even diagnose.

You want me to WHAT?

I’m not saying patient education is a bad thing, and it definitely makes a doctor’s work easier when patients are well-informed. The problem arises when they think they’re better informed that the doctor, and they want to say what/how the doctor should prescribe.

At least a doctor’s job is rarely ever boring. And what with abusive patients, stubborn patients and eager-to-please patients, I just can’t wait to start clinical years.

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