They make blogging look hard

Pictured here: irony

We’ve all seen them, had to slog through them, maybe even written one or two (I know I have). The Long Blog Entry. Cue the shrieks of horror. But seriously, why do people write them? And do people even read them?

I used to think that long entries were a requirement for serious bloggers (and who knows, maybe they are). And I used to really go on about a topic, dredging the depths of my imagination and stretching a point of interest until it wore thin. I didn’t realize it, but this was one of the things that would discourage me from blogging. The mental effort needed to say one thing 50 different times was just exhausting.

As for reading them, sometimes those super long entries are really grabbing, witty pieces that just keep you glued to the screen. Most times they’re not. And the dreaded tl;dr is a staple for today’s denizens of the internet, to whom reading anything longer than a tagline is anathema. Unless you’re a fellow geek geeking out over something really geeky, the aim is to pretend you’re writing for first graders. Or goldfish.

The conclusion? Keep it short and simple (spicy, if you can). It’s more fun for you and your readers.


2 thoughts on “They make blogging look hard

  1. I definitely agree. I happen to have verbal diarrhoea and I can’t stop until EVERYTHING I want to say comes out. But I try to make my stuff short. But when I can sense it’s long, it makes me stall sometimes; stall and stall. Glad to see someone else thinks this way! :)


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