Those who do not complain are never pitied

Why is theatre so under-appreciated in Western Jamaica?

The lack of interest manifests itself in so many ways. From a lack of support for the only theatre we have (although plans are under way for renovation of the old one), to a distinct stigma for with anyone who’s inclined to love performing professionally, there is an immobilizing fog of disinterest. I’ve complained about this before. A lot. But it’s relevant again because it’s seriously hindering my efforts with the dance society at school.

Maybe it’s the size of the campus (tiny!) or the attitude of the students (indolent!), but I’m sure that dance not being a ‘big deal’ also has a lot to do with it. On the Mona campus, there is an entire centre dedicated to the creative arts, dance classes several times a week, and full support for their productions. Granted, Kingston is bigger that Mobay. Kingstonians also have this incredible appreciation for dance and tasteful drama (that’s aimed at you, grassroots comedies). But Montego Bay is the tourist capital! I just don’t understand why, for a city that’s so concerned with keeping up appearances, we can’t enjoy performing.

I just want to know that someone chirpy self-motivator will carry on the legacy of the Dance Society after I’m gone, and not just let it fade into obscurity.

But really the deeper issue is when Montego Bay will finally wake up and get some stage presence.


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