I do love my new layout; simple and elegant is much more the style I like to portray.

That being said, does anyone know how to change the favicon in the tab next to the webpage title? Is it even called a favicon? Mine isn’t very fetching because of the extra bulky black border (even though it’s so tiny anyway).

Assistance will be repaid in internet cookies. Or possibly Real Cookies. :)

Updated!: It has changed on its own. Patience has never been my strong suit. >.< (That distinction belongs to my tights/leotard/cape outfit).

2 thoughts on “Frivolities

    1. It was kind of a contextual post, wasn’t it? >.<

      Oh, but it's changed all on its own now – I just realized. *happy* :) Now it's a little rasta girl right beside the webpage title in the Chrome tab. :D


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