Study break, with illustration.

This is a depiction of an amputation in Britain in the 18th century by an unknown artist (according to this site). Anaesthesia in those days was basically the number of people required to hold the patient down.

With our air conditioned operating theatres (in some countries, at least) and fine tuned general anaesthetic agents, we’ve come a long way.

7 thoughts on “Study break, with illustration.

  1. Thank you to Messrs. Long, Morton and Simpson yeah?! And Ambrose Pare for his willingness to stoop to the level of a woman and sew instead of applying an iron. Heh, my father gave me an anthology of medical discoveries when I was 8. Best kid’s book. Ever.

    In other news: thank you for the ebooks, I am now downloading readers and am two clicks away from joy!!


    1. My brother and I got a little book of scientific discoveries, so I totally understand. :)

      Yay! I also got the third book in the Castle series recently, if you want more Dianna Wynne. :)


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