The at home med student: procrastinating must end

This picture is motivating the hell out of me right now.

I’ve fallen into this habit of putting things off just because I don’t have the right resources. I procrastinate like it’s a career, so adding a new reason for my laziness is like a diabetic demanding extra icing on her cake. Some things can actually be discouraging, like not having a proper desk or study area, and anyone who’s ever tried to study on their bed can tell you that that’s 70% of study motivation right there.

But it’s gotten so ridiculous that I won’t start studying because I don’t have a yellow highlighter. A yellow highlighter. Because I won’t be able to colour-code my notes. A yellow highlighter. Maybe it’s the denouement of a slippery slope of ridiculous procrastination, but it was a wake up call to stop wasting time.

It’s just a highlighter, for goodness’ sake.

Do you procrastinate? What silly reasons do you give yourself for not starting something on time?

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