Read Robyn Roundup: news you missed while reading my blog

That’s supposed to be a joke, guys.

While the rest of us were hard at work/school GSAT happened last week Thursday and Friday. The Grade Six Achievement Test is as much a test for 12 year old primary school students as it is for their parents/guardians who have to stress about the preparation and results with them. It’s also probably the most some of us will ever care about an exam. I didn’t know any chiddlers sitting the test this go round but I’m hoping for first choice places for everyone who did. Relax guys, now you can be kids again.

For those of us with a political bent (not counting the well-paid party supporters or, y’know people who actually vote) Local Government Elections took place on Monday of this week. Admittedly they were nowhere near as big a deal as General Elections way back in Christmas, but if you haven’t already heard the People’s National Party won in kind of a big way. And that’s a nice rock you just crawled from under. The Jamaica Labour Party didn’t even win one contesting seat. People have been speculating on what the PNP monopoly will mean for the country for the next four years but I don’t know nearly enough about politics to be sufficiently worried. I figure we will do the same as always which is to say, not very well.

We’ve been doing it right all along, guys.

On a more personal national note, my friend/colleague/classmate is in the running for Miss Jamaica Universe! I realize my readership may be somewhat restricted (restricted? Never!) but I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t give Miss Shines Radio Inc. at least one big up on my (internationally reaching) blog. If you are an exceptionally nice person, go ahead and like her page. She might be completely crazy for entering juggling medical school and a pageant, but it’s the kind of crazy that we like to see!

She is more awesome than paintball. Trust me.

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