Year in review

I have been blogging for about a year now, and I think it’s been pretty good so far. I’ve made friends and found a ‘niche’ among the bloggers of WordPress. I have yet to be Freshly Pressed, haha, but this blog is only a year old, so I suppose there’s hope for me yet.

I’ve learnt a lot about blogging (and myself) in the meantime, and I’m glad I have this outlet and this opportunity for growth and discovery. And I think this blog is a good chart of my progress as a writer: from the content-desperate posts to the short and sometimes witty pieces.

Blogging is a challenge in writing: to find content that people will care about enough to read, and to write consistently well (or at the very least not badly). I’ve found that’s it not so much about the number of hits you get on a post as the personal satisfaction of knowing you gave it your best shot.

So I’m happy with the 25 or so hits I get every other week; I’m happy with my one-or-two commenters and the three or four bloggers who like my posts. Because it means my writing is out there and being read. Which is all I can ask for, really.


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