I follow a blog called The Physician’s Palette. It’s written by a art minor turned medical student and every post features an artist’s interpretation of some aspect of the medical field. I found it really inspiring that someone who’s passion was art could transduce that passion into a field so strongly scientific. Not that medicine (especially the clinical and surgical aspects of it) isn’t artistic, but there’s so little room for creativity.

Taking that blog as an example, I set out to find a way to translate my passion for books and literature into medicine. It started with a book list: stories about doctors and stories written by doctors. I was already hooked on Robin Cook (his medical mysteries, not his series – blech) and I found Cromwell’s Kay Scarpetta moderately interesting, but I’d never really paid particular attention to medical novels.

And then I discovered medical blogs. They were perfect. I’m following two blogs by doctors, one by a fellow medical student and a weekly medical comic that’s drawn by a radiologist. I find them clever, insightful and very slice-of-life-y. I love taking sneak peeks into how other people live; I get great perspective from it. I like how reading about the medical field in other countries broadens my horizons, reminds me that I’m not the first person to survive medical school, and that it’s okay to have passions that lie elsewhere. It’s a comfort to know that not everyone has it all figured out at this stage, and it makes me feel connected.

So, today I’m pimping:

A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor
Domestic Diva, M.D.
Doctor Gargamel
Poor M.D.

Are there any subject specific blogs that inspire you?

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