Exams and procrastination go hand in hand

I’m compelled to use this comic every so often.

It’s the time of year again when medical students lose more sleep than normal, drink inhuman amounts of coffee and somehow still manage to freak out that they don’t know enough while reading five textbooks simultaneously.


And I know you’re thinking But if you have exams, how come you’re still writing this blog? The answer is simple. Because it’s a heck of a lot more fun than trying to commit to memory the embryology of the uterus. In fact, several things have turned out to be more fun than trying to learn a semester’s worth of anatomy in a matter of days. Reading romance novels, for instance. Or spending all day on Facebook, which usually ranks pretty low on my list of Fun Things but for some reason skyrockets in fun-ness when compared to Pharmacology. Blogging has so far been the most productive thing I’ve done all weekend. This happens to me every time. :|

By now you’re probably thinking, she’s totally prepared for exams already, but I can readily assure that that’s far from the case. I still have a ton of videos to watch, past papers to go through and memorize, and lectures to read over. Yet here I sit, tapping away at the keyboard like blogging will somehow guarantee me an A this semester.

Because it totally should.

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