I have exams this week and all, but I still find the time to go blogging, researching what to blog, and to generally faas inna peepl bizniz. I’m kinda happy with what I found, and I better be since I’m using much-needed study time to go frolicking through the interwebs.

Jamaica Writes
We’ll kick start with Jamaica Where has this blog been all my life? A website where writers and photographers embark on a writing/photography challenge? This. Is. Totally. Awesome. The latest challenge has been 62 words attached to a photograph, and the posts have been overwhelmingly good.

Moore Talk JA
And then there’s Carla Moore’s blog which is kind of a companion to her vlog on Youtube, and her social commentary is totally awesome. As a Jamaica living in Canada, her blog has a distinct yardie feel to it, and then half her posts are done in Creole which makes it even better.

And rounding out the awesomeness is the winner of several awards last year at the JA Blog Awards, Veritas aka Mr. Editor. This man’s blog gets crazy traffic, and he too is into the social commentary thing. And I am probably being weird about this, but ohmygoodness he reminds me of myself:

Male. Jamaican. Student. I have an avid interest in Politics, Literature and Art. I’m often controversial, and rarely apologetic. I say the uncomfortable things and challenge the established thinking.

Robyn. 19. Jamaican.
med student.
avid reader. ardent writer. hapless dancer. spiritual seeker.
scientific. logical. creative.
sarcastic. polite. reserved. curious.

You see it too, right?


Silliness aside, I encourage anyone who’s reading my blog to check these guys out. I love finding fellow Jamaican bloggers, because it reminds me that I’m not alone. And that this idea to blog isn’t totally insane because there are Jamaicans out there who get it.

Shout out to JA Blog Awards (even though their website is sorta defunct right now) and all Jamaican bloggers, no matter where in the world you’re blogging from.


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