open letter of complaint to the jamaica public service

Dear JPS,

I understand that we is backward and country in Montego Bay, and you doing you best to try and fix that by putting up fancy city-type concrete poles instead of the wooden poles we had before (that were serving us just fine – if it not broken, don’t fix it), but why you have to come and interrupt man study time fi do unnu business that shoulda do in the first place, or at least do from long time? (You think I an I don’t go town and see them hoity-toity concrete poles what dem have up from whappy kill phillup?)

But serious now. Inna miggle miggle day when people at home trying to cram for them 9 credit Neuroscience final exam, unnu come a interrupt man power supply with road crew stretch from Cornwall Courts to Green Pond pan pole, inna tree and deh bill back inna shop (cause god know sun hot). Dat caan work.

Dem all mek me mess up me good good green shirt wid bleach sake a dem foolishness. Man haffi a hurry fi leave dem house and figet se pot fi wash, haffi tun back an scrub dem real quick. (A tip, never try to use bleach in a hurry. Unless you’re not wearing any clothes.)

True JPS get new white ooman in charge a dem business, dem get extra cockity an a tek all saat a liberties. But me and dem tiday, y’hear. Hmph.


A much disgruntled customer

And when we block road and bun tyre now, you hear se everybady vex. Crosses.

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