Being jealous of my (other) blog

I’ve had Red/Read Robyn for a little more than year now, and in all that time the highest number of views I’ve ever gotten is 58. On my Jamaica 50 Challenge blog? 99. 99. That blog has been up for less than two months and already has peaked at 99 views on its busiest day. I guess I’m so jealous because none of the work that gets posted there is actually mine. On the other hand, it means the writers over there are totally awesome.

I’m really proud of how far 50 for 50 has come, though. And even prouder that this harebrained scheme is still plodding along with support and participation. Every entry I post there gets liked almost instantly; comments are fairly frequent and the people who are interested keep me interested. I do my best every week to put out a prompt that will spark some creative juice in someone’s mind, and I may not always hit the right spots but my writers are dedicated and nice enough to work with it regardless.

We’ve passed the halfway mark at six weeks, with four more weeks to go, and I’m really looking forward to completing this journey with all my participants – holding hands like we just helped each other across an Olympic finish line.


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