Studying is not a pre-approved summer activity

I got 3-4 hours of studying in today. That’s in between the comics and the blogs and the Facebook (we are all slaves to the Facebook). 3-4 hours is a reasonable amount of work time. Jenny Lawson spends 4-5 hours writing, and she makes a living doing that. I’m not getting paid to study. I’m paying to study.

I spent so much time reading from the laptop that my eyes started to hurt. So I started reading The Bloggess (and almost every one of her recommendations) instead. And you would not believe it, but my eyes stopped hurting. Then I go back to studying and my eyes start hurting again. That’s positive reinforcement. I think we learnt about that in first year. Maybe this studying thing does pay off in the long run.

But in the short run it sucks pretty bad, lemme tell you. It’s not that I mind accumulating new knowledge, I just hate the way it’s forced on us. A little less shoved down my throat and a little more all-you-can-learn for only a buck would be nice. But is probably too much to ask for from the same university that shut down its network while paying students are still enrolled in courses*.

Despite UWI’s efforts to thwart my education (at half a million dollars a year this will not be over quickly, U-double-u-I) I still managed to learn about leadership theories, motivation and team work. All of which would have made excellent presentations while I was Director of Professional Development in the campus Rotaract Club. This course is a year too late to further my Rotary ambitions. But hopefully it will help me get a Rhodes Scholarship. I hear they’re pretty keen on leader-types. (Totally serious about that Rhodes. Look out for my name in 3-5 years).

I also learnt that Canada’s doing a bang-up job in the health department, despite the complaints about wait times. Apparently they’re a pretty big deal. Wait times turned up a couple years ago in my project on the Risks/Benefits of Free Health Care as well. I should speak to my Canadian friends more on this topic.

The moral of the story: studying = skiving off studying to read The Bloggess = much improved writing. Q.E.D. studying is actually a good thing.

Oh dear god.

* UWI’s network may or may not be down due to power failures.

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