Fanfiction: What’s the use?

I’ve been trying to find a way to bridge my fanfiction writing and original fiction. This is excellent.

6 thoughts on “Fanfiction: What’s the use?

  1. An excellent read indeed. One thing about me is that my fanfiction is almost always about an original character placed within the world, rather than the original characters from whatever franchise. I once got an idea to write a Harry Potter story set in Jamaica. Never followed through because a plot never really formed.

    The hardest thing about original fiction for me is creating the world. Because I tend to get fantasy story ideas, and the world is VERY important in those!


    1. It is. And then describing the world is a challenge as well – how do you get the reader to see what you see so clearly?

      Lol at the Harry Potter in Jamaica idea; I’ve had a few of those myself.


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