Dear Lord, what are we WEARING?

I had an exam today. Let’s not talk about it.


I had three distinct WTF moments while walking through the streets of downtown Mobay this evening.


I was walking behind a cruff (translation: young Jamaican male with pants at his knees walking with a limping ‘bad man’ gait) when a girl passed him going in the opposite direction. He put his hand out and let it trail along the girl’s body as she walked by, and she turned around to look at him. Now I imagine at that point, she had one of two things on her mind: “Ah smaddy mi know dis?” or (and her subsequent expression makes this one more likely) “Wha dis eediat bwai ah come touch me up fa?”


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At the same time, the “eediat bwai” is throwing her the most pitiful ‘come hither’ look I have ever had the misfortune to witness, almost like he’s saying “I know you want some of this.” What? No. No, thank you. Ever. Guys, have more class! Girls, don’t be afraid to tell a boy some bad words when he puts a hand on you without your permission!


The next two WTF moments are actually the same thing, occurring hours apart. I passed two girls on different streets wearing what was basically a shirt and panties. I could see their butt cheeks jiggling from under the hem of the shorts spanky pants.  I know it’s summer, and I know we’re a tropical country and it feels like the sun has a personal vendetta against anyone who steps outdoors, but for the love of all that is decent please do not put your jiggly bits on display. Especially when they’re unattractive.

And that was my evening. After walking out of that exam, my day couldn’t go anywhere but up.


Are you as grossed out as I am by people who wear revealing clothing? What about guys who touch girls they don’t know (and the girls who let them)?


2 thoughts on “Dear Lord, what are we WEARING?

  1. I LAUGHED when I read this. But I definitely agree. The touching thing is so classless. It’s weird, like Jamaican men inherited this innate belief that they are wanted by anything with a vagina. I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing too much of this.

    And the revealing clothes… Gee, there are ways to do it so it doesn’t look tacky. But too many people haven’t learnt the lesson. There’s hardly anything worse than butt-crack being visible. (I’m talking abut BOTH genders here!)

    Gross indeed.


    1. Ha, true! I agree, there are non-tacky ways to dress provocatively, but most people assume that the clothes make the statement and not the person. It is a tough lesson to teach. :\

      And I concur about the butt cracks. Eww.


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