a little less tequila parties, a little more tin food

For months now I’ve been dying to rant about my university experience. I was frustrated that it didn’t live up to any of my expectations. But recent revelations have conspired to teach me that your university experience is only exactly what you make of it.

So while I could complain about being denied all the career-broadening opportunities that my peers from other faculties seem to have, I’d rather focus on the benefits I manage to accrue despite being stuck in this straight jacket of a programme. And I’ve adopted somewhat of a “the grass is always greener. . . ” attitude.

For instance, despite feeling like medicine gives me no time for anything else, I’ve attended the Company Dance Theatre’s season, two awards ceremonies (one in my faculty, the other in the Faculty of Humanities) and regular dance classes almost every Saturday. All this and more in less than three months of being on campus. I actually have a. . . life.

The fact is, campus life will always be teeming with activities and opportunities. Right now the weekly party is happening at the Student’s Union. I still haven’t been to that. Even though being stuck on the ward or on the road all day means I’ll miss some things, it doesn’t mean I’ll miss everything. And it’s up to me to find out what I do have time for instead of crying about all the things I don’t.

Which actually sounds very grown up of me. Good job, university.

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