Banks beer and green monkeys.

Two things I can tell you about Barbadians: they love their Banks and hate their green monkeys.

image not mine.

Banks beer is like the beer of Barbados. You can’t drive out without seeing the name painted on the side of every other bar.. I think Bajans love Banks more than we love Red Stripe. Actually, I’m sure of it.

Bajans also love their parties. I went to Harbour Lights on Friday night (upscale sort of bar with patrons of mostly Caucasian persuasion. Also, expensive as hell.) as part of my “see all the things” approach to Barbados, and it was quite a revealing experience. Bajans have won me over with their love of songs you can actually dance to. Me love soca long time, so I knew I would enjoy it, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear so many Jamaican songs being played. And all of them were dance songs!

A bit of background here: Back home, the DJs like to spend 80% of their time playing ‘bad man tunes’. You know those songs you can’t really dance to but that everyone “feels” and wants to put up a lighter or their lit-up cellphone or fire a couple rounds for. Yeah, those songs that leave you standing around awkwardly whenever they’re played for longer than thirty seconds. And few things irritate me more about Jamaican parties.

all images my own.

Despite the late night out, we managed to drag ourselves out of bed at a reasonable hour the following day so we could visit the Wildlife Reserve in St. Peter. Granted, we barely made it two hours before closing time. As much as we longed to see the native green monkeys, we didn’t actually spot any of them until we were preparing to leave.

all images my own.
This grand old miss was the first creature I saw, as soon as I stepped in.

But there were so many turtles! Big ones and small ones and girl ones and boy ones and water ones and land ones. We saw brocket deer and peacocks and more than a few ducks. I discovered my fear of snakes when I was introduced to a huge reticulated python, and subsequently couldn’t even stand looking at the tiny ones.

all images my own.
Um, yeah. You don’t need to tell me that twice.

And then the monkeys came. I loved them right off the bat. The tiny delightful creatures were feeding and playing, showing off their climbing skills and dexterity. When I got too close one brave monkey hopped directly towards me, reminding me that the signs said these creatures do bite. Amused, I backed away slowly. I can’t believe that Bajan farmers consider these cute little guys pests.

all images  my own.
Green monkeys are not, in fact, green

I fully intend to raise a pet monkey one day. They’re such clever, mischievous creatures.


4 thoughts on “Banks beer and green monkeys.

  1. This Barbadian quite enjoyed that. Thanks. It left a warm feeling in my heart; so far yet so near. I’d love to get my hands on a cold Banks Beer right about now, the beer of Barbados. A Red Stripe will also do just fine, and reading this little nugget has motivated me to go out and find one. There’s no Banks in Berlin, but there’s Red Stripe out there. Best regards for 2013 and thanks for the thirst…. that will be quenched.


    1. Wow, thanks for reading! I’m glad my little posts have been able to warm your heart from so far away. It’s always good to hear about home, yes?

      I hope the coming year holds good things for you.


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