Why I Dance

One of my choreographers gave us this question as homework. I felt like sharing my reply.

I fell into dance sideways in first form. I was coming from a background in gymnastics, and the dance instructor at my high school was one dancer short when my cousin mentioned that I could maybe sort of do a thing. The following summer I joined a theatre arts programme, and absolutely fell in love with the stage.

I love the stage, I love being the centre – or one of the centres – of attention. I love the shared anticipation of group of people waiting to burst on stage and shine. I love the sweat and tears and injuries and exhilaration  I love the dedication. I love the build up and the accomplishment. I love that it’s hardly about perfection and always about expression.

I dance because it allows me to know myself, and accept myself. I dance because the movement shows myself to me. I dance because dancing takes me away from myself and elevates me to my Self, that place where acceptance and serenity are my only masters.

I dance to be free.

credit: kimmiesays on wordpress

Dance is a freedom art, not a prisoner art.

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