Love Letter: from the Sea to the Moon

Inspired by Sarah Kay.

I know what I want, you know

I’m not temperamental as they say
You try being nice when your lovers’ quarrel
Is as perennial as the tide

You’ll tell me I can’t make up my mind
Always rushing back and forth
Between the pair of you
But I tell you, it’s you who keeps pushing me away
And I’ve got nowhere else to run
Except his lines and curves and rough embrace

But when you’re at your worst
You swell up with self-importance
All bluster and bigness
Shoving me away until I’m all but gone from you
And have no choice but to bury him
Waist deep in my essence
(Every month it comes to this
Are you happy now?)

Then, of course, you abandon me and suddenly I’m all contrite
Rushing back to fill the space with apologies
It’s always you who pulls me
And pushes me away
Out of spite
I can’t help what I am, though
I love you both.

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