That moment when. . .

On ward rounds one day:

Consultant: Do you know how mixing studies are done?

Me: Come on, brain, we can do this. We’ve heard this one before, don’t let me down!

Brain: *fires neurons* *synapses synapse*

Me: Well, sir, they involve adding coagulation factors to the patient’s serum to assess their clotting ability.

Consultant: Yes, and what do the results tell you?

Me: Alright, brain, we did good, just a little bit more.

Brain: . . .

Me: C’mon brain don’t do this!

Brain: Nana nana boo boo *blows raspberries*

Consultant: Well?

Me: *defeated* I don’t know, sir.

Brain: *gurgles spit bubbles*

Consultant: *sighs* Dr. M, would you like to tell her?

Me: *glares at brain*


I really hate that moment.

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