Nice Things I Like

There’s a file on my computer called “Nice Things I Like”. It’s not Yoda-speak; I just happened to like the cadence of the words in that order. It’s filled with meaningful quotes and poems and songs I’ve come across in my sojourn across the internet.

This post is a little bit like that file.

Is there anything this man can’t do? Comic books, critically acclaimed novels, movies, TV shows, and now a video game? Neil, can you please be my daddy?

It’s a touching article on being an almost-doctor. Funny, sad and dangerously honest.

  • Still Into You by Paramore

This amazing Paramore song has been stuck in my head all week. Do not watch if you are averse to happiness or cutesy romantic themes. Or sparklers.

The official lyric video is also the cutest finger puppet show I have ever seen.


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