Piercings, soul-searching

My mother’s ears aren’t pierced. Neither are my aunt’s, nor my grandmothers’. I don’t know if all the women in my family planned this, or if there’s a legacy behind it, or if it’s just a random coincidence, but it seems like a significant trend.

My ears are still not pierced either. Which wasn’t a dilemma for the last 21 years of my life, but now I’ve been thinking more and more about getting it done. Why am I so reluctant?

I’ve always associated pierced ears with mainstream society, and I. Do. Not. Like. Mainstream. The idea of being lost in a herd unsettle me. And yes, you may argue that I am lost in the herd of unpierced ears, but I may argue that it’s really not that big a herd. In my rotation of 70 students, there are maybe 10 people without pierced ears and most of them are for religious reasons. I am probably the only person I know who refuses to pierce my ears out of sheer stubbornness (and I am proud of it).

(Side note: I’ve always toyed with the idea of a helical piercing without piercing my lobes, because who does that? NO ONE).

I feel like my unpierced ears are a part of me, like my name, that I’ve only just started to appreciate. Do I want to give that up for the sake of accessorizing? Yes? No? HELP. They’re a part of my identity, but not a huge part. And it’s entirely possible to retain my individuality with pierced ears – hello, TARDIS earrings.

And since writing the opening line of this post, I’ve realized that I will stand out among the women in my family as the only one with pierced ears. Does it matter?

Should it?

. . .

Dear mainstream, I may be joining you.

4 thoughts on “Piercings, soul-searching

  1. Janeille Jeyeane Panther says:

    You and I are in exactly the same boat…I’ve considered it and i actually got a non-lobe ear piercing but eventually let it heal. I still think about it from time to time but then again even if I did get it…i’d probably forgot to put my earrings in or even consider buying them when I shop because I’ve been without them for so long…if you can go a whole month without thinking about it…you’ll live without them :) and will soon realize that it’s a bigger part of your identity than you think


  2. Farah Mohammed says:

    Not to play devil’s advocate, but I love my pierced ears. Earrings add a lot to my personal sense of identity, even though its superficial, because I get to wear little rocking horses or pictures or eiffel towers or tardises. (I’ve done it. You feel awesome.)

    I’m thinking of getting a tattoo, though, so we’re on different wavelengths. But if you decide to, let me know! I’ll come with and offer moral support (and celebratory Dr Who earrings to mark the occasion.)


    • read.robin says:

      It’s frightening how much celebratory Doctor Who earrings are tipping the balance in favour of piercing my ears.

      I’m also thinking of getting a tattoo! But I don’t want to give everyone who knows me a heart attack; earrings will be enough of a shock, haha.


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