Piercings, soul-searching

My mother’s ears aren’t pierced. Neither are my aunt’s, nor my grandmothers’. I don’t know if all the women in my family planned this, or if there’s a legacy behind it, or if it’s just a random coincidence, but it seems like a significant trend.

My ears are still not pierced either. Which wasn’t a dilemma for the last 21 years of my life, but now I’ve been thinking more and more about getting it done. Why am I so reluctant?

I’ve always associated pierced ears with mainstream society, and I. Do. Not. Like. Mainstream. The idea of being lost in a herd unsettle me. And yes, you may argue that I am lost in the herd of unpierced ears, but I may argue that it’s really not that big a herd. In my rotation of 70 students, there are maybe 10 people without pierced ears and most of them are for religious reasons. I am probably the only person I know who refuses to pierce my ears out of sheer stubbornness (and I am proud of it).

(Side note: I’ve always toyed with the idea of a helical piercing without piercing my lobes, because who does that? NO ONE).

I feel like my unpierced ears are a part of me, like my name, that I’ve only just started to appreciate. Do I want to give that up for the sake of accessorizing? Yes? No? HELP. They’re a part of my identity, but not a huge part. And it’s entirely possible to retain my individuality with pierced ears – hello, TARDIS earrings.

And since writing the opening line of this post, I’ve realized that I will stand out among the women in my family as the only one with pierced ears. Does it matter?

Should it?

. . .

Dear mainstream, I may be joining you.

4 thoughts on “Piercings, soul-searching

  1. You and I are in exactly the same boat…I’ve considered it and i actually got a non-lobe ear piercing but eventually let it heal. I still think about it from time to time but then again even if I did get it…i’d probably forgot to put my earrings in or even consider buying them when I shop because I’ve been without them for so long…if you can go a whole month without thinking about it…you’ll live without them :) and will soon realize that it’s a bigger part of your identity than you think


  2. Not to play devil’s advocate, but I love my pierced ears. Earrings add a lot to my personal sense of identity, even though its superficial, because I get to wear little rocking horses or pictures or eiffel towers or tardises. (I’ve done it. You feel awesome.)

    I’m thinking of getting a tattoo, though, so we’re on different wavelengths. But if you decide to, let me know! I’ll come with and offer moral support (and celebratory Dr Who earrings to mark the occasion.)


    1. It’s frightening how much celebratory Doctor Who earrings are tipping the balance in favour of piercing my ears.

      I’m also thinking of getting a tattoo! But I don’t want to give everyone who knows me a heart attack; earrings will be enough of a shock, haha.


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