Ultimately, I am getting rather tired of my Orthopaedic rotation. I’ve never been a big fan of surgery and the barbaric nature of Orthopaedic surgery plays up my antipathy so very well. I would be the last one to call Orthopods “glorified carpenters” (maybe not the very very last) but their surgical tools are so reminiscent of workman’s tools that I cringe a whole lot while observing procedures. I appreciate the way they pay attention to the whole patient and the fact that I’m learning in spades, though.

Ultimately, this antsy, restless feeling probably has more to do with the fact that I’ll be graduating next year and less to do with my current rotation (my last rotation of fourth year). Am I excited, anxious, gassy? No clue. But whatever my emotional (or gastrointestinal) state, I am ultimately ready for this next step, whatever it may bring.

Image not mine.

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