Housekeeping (and an apology)

I missed posting anything last week, which I feel guilty about. I’d like this place to have a kind of regularity, like a bar. Except less seedy. But if you’ve been reading my friend Tricia’s new blog then trust me, you would have gained way more than you missed out here. Go check her out.

My computer has been having issues, probably due to me having put the fancy new Windows 8 OS on a considerably old model. Imagine your grandmother in fishnet stockings. It’s not quite so accurate an analogy but you’ve now been scarred for life. You’re welcome. K suggested I try Linux’s Ubuntu which is what I’m going to do. I’ll let you know how that works out. So far I haven’t pulled my hair out, but I’ve had a few close calls.

Image not my own.

I am stuck with my idea for the JCDC creative writing competition. I have two vague ideas that I don’t trust myself to do justice to, even though anyone else could probably run with them straight into an honorary mention, at least. The dealine is April 30 so I need to get a move on.

What’s holding me back is my problem with writing Jamaican. It is such unfamiliar territory for me, and I’m always afraid of being called out as a fraud. It sounds silly but I get that all the time just by living here and being myself. I’m afraid the minute I put pen to paper about any of it people will dismiss it and me as pseudo-Jamaican Americanized rubbish.

Image not my own.

I am a week away from starting my fifth and final year of medical school. The general response I get from people about that is “Congratulations!”, “One more year!” “Excited?” and so on. No, I’m not excited. Yes, there is one year left (and a half!) and I am batting away terror over the whole business. I am not ready to wander off into the world and be partially (minimally) responsible for people’s lives.

This is not a thrilling prospect (maybe in the sense that movies like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer are thrilling). Fifth year is a whole new kettle of fish as it pertains to grades. I’ve heard our clerkship exams are actually harder than final MBBS (on purpose) and if you fail any of them you can’t graduate. Yeah. I’m totally excited about that.

Image not my own.

This will probably mean less time for blogging. But I’m going to try and keep up with things here. Or not. We’ll see how it goes.

Speaking about blogging, there’s going to be a shift in focus for Well Read Robin because I have a fancy new theme. Mainly, I’ll be discussing things I’ve read – newspaper articles, books, magazines (yeah right, I haven’t read a magazine in years) etc. I will still have the occasional “This is My Life Now” post and tidbits of writing here and there, but those will be bookends and bookmarks for the Real Stuff.

Thank you for reading thus far and I hope you continue to enjoy WRR!



6 thoughts on “Housekeeping (and an apology)

  1. Hey Robyn! I really hope you submit some of your work to JCDC. I’m sure as you practise writing in Patois, you’ll feel more confident. I’m planning to read more local stuff to help me feel more confident about writing about Caribbean experiences. Looking forward to seeing your work and thanks for recommending my blog :-)


    1. I’m trying to read more local stuff, but they’re not nearly as easy to find in ebook format and that’s my mainstay of literature right now.

      I hope confidence comes. :)


  2. OMG! On the point of not being able to write Jamaican! I aaaaaaalways thought it was just me. I cannot do it for shyyte and as a result, I just normally stay clear of those competitions (though I entered last year — didn’t even get so much as a merit)…


    1. Trust me, it’s not just you. I find it SO frustrating, but I’m determined to get it right.

      Don’t give up; this is something we can do! We are Jamaican, after all, just a slightly different breed. :)


  3. Here’s some unsolicited input about the final year issue: my final year has been awful so far. I’m starting the Bachelor’s of Surgery exams now and I don’t know how I’m going to get through them (7 domains in five days). So: don’t feel guilty for not posting. Your readers will understand. Focus on staying healthy, and studying. Rather start studying too early than too late. And fake it till you make it. Feeling ready to be a doctor relies at least a little bit on convincing yourself that you can.
    Good luck! I am sure you will be great.


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