This Post is so Meta

I find it almost impossible to write around a cohesive theme. Am I alone in this?

I’ve been taught how to do it, I’m not incapable. It’s just that I lose focus so easily when I’m tapping away at a keyboard. In high school all our essays had to be centered on a specific topic and I used to be fairly brilliant at English back then so clearly I know the theory behind it. It’s the execution that escapes me.

It doesn’t help that I am so very, very easily distracted. In the middle of spoken sentences I will call attention to a bird or rainbow or sudden thought I’ve just had that’s completely unconnected to the actual conversation. I only just noticed I was doing that and now that I’m taking steps to fix it I realize that it’s almost a compulsion, almost a defense mechanism against being too absorbed by a serious conversation. Or that could be a made-up excuse for my ADHD. (I don’t have ADHD. I think).

I want to be more focused in my writing because I think it would help readers to keep up with me, and it makes a lot more sense to talk about one thing and go from start to finish than to flit about the beginnings, middles and ends of a hundred different things.

But then I also like the flashy creativity of not planning things 100% and flying by the seat of my pants. The trouble is that my pants don’t have wings yet. Either that or they’re totally confused about the directions (which they would be if they were my pants) and they’re just flying any which way.

Another thing I hate about being so muddled is that I never know where to end things. What’s a logical conclusion? What’s an illogical conclusion? At this point I would take any conclusion that tells me how to  end a one-sided conversation.

4 thoughts on “This Post is so Meta

  1. tmorsecode says:

    I used to struggle with a similar problem. When I was in college, I went to an English conference and one of the speakers said something that has stuck with me ever since — although I’m paraphrasing. He said, “Write what interests you. If it interests you, it’s cohesive.”

    So as much as it may seem scattered, since it’s all coming from you as a writer readers will be able to see the threads that connect all the pieces to each other.


  2. A writer’s plight. I don’t think I have a problem with coherence, but I do have a problem with deciding how and where to end things…

    You do pretty well, though, I think. I never saw this as a problem in your blog.


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