fangirling | Kathryn L Christopher (round ii)

She’s back. Kathryn L Christopher, aka Woman in the Rainy Season is back in all her Caribbean-seasoned, Trinidadian expat glory. She brings us tidings of displaced island struggles, black woman struggles and matters of the heart. She brings us calypso eloquence, and sun-browned nostalgia. She brings us herself.

Her latest poem Hajj opens with a childhood memory and snakes through human anatomy in its dissection of love. It is good. It is so good I cannot come up with anything but praise in response. And I am waiting with bated breath for someone to publish this woman’s work. Peepal Tree Press? Blouse and Skirt Books? Anyone?

In the meantime, if you don’t know Kathryn’s work please go read any/all of her poems right this instant and bask in the untamed wildness of the rainy season.

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