Hello, I’m Doctor Robyn

I officially need a “Hello, I’m the Doctor” shirt because I am officially a doctor. Well, I have been for the last three weeks. Did you guys think I disappeared because I didn’t pass? Nuh uh. I disappeared into the wasteland of wifi-lessness that is home in Montego Bay and I have resurfaced in the tiny oasis of Wifiria that is my room at the hospital. All hail ISP providers.

So far internship has been a whirlwind of black ink and blood tubes. As a ‘clerical officer’ it’s my job to take blood, write notes in the patient’s docket, request investigations and follow up on procedures. A lot to do and little time to do it in, just one of the problems in the public system (about which I will probably rant another day).

My mind is a tired blur (currently post-call), so I’ll share an excerpt from my diary:

My bones are weary. The days melt into each other. Writing in dockets only helps you watch Time – not catch Time – as it slips through your fingers. The clock rolls over 12, and suddenly 13 becomes 14. Update your entries.

More regular updates and an entire game plan of social media to follow.


15 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Doctor Robyn

  1. kaja says:

    Hello Robin (Dr. Robin sorry :) ). i’m a Jamaican citizen an i’ve completed my undergrad medicine degree else where (same as the MBBS here with the same pre clinical and clinical concept). Would i be able to register for internship years here in Jamaica? I just wanted to see if you knew anything about it before i filled out a long ‘request information’ form on UWI’s website. Any info you have to give is appreciated deeply.


    1. Hello! Robyn is fine :)

      You would definitely be able to register for internship here; we have several interns who trained overseas working with the government. I believe you have to apply to the Ministry of Health, which attracts a nominal fee and then you get placed in a public hospital. You can contact the MoH for more details though.

      Best of luck!


  2. Congrats, that is wonderful! What an accomplishment! :) I start my first year in UWI’s mbbs program in a few weeks and I hope to be blessed with such an accomplishment in a few yrs.

    I wanted to know if you suggest renting/buying books from the library or bookstore or should I buy the e-books/tablet? How much are books?

    Also, does uwi provide us with white coats or do we have to buy our own? What is the dress code, (business casual) when attending classes each day?

    Lastly, do you recommend buying groceries and cooking or buying food on-campus more affordable?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Thank you and congratulations to you too!

      Buy the staple textbooks – like your anatomy and physiology books. You can maybe buy the Pharmacology and Pathology texts – up to you. Anything else, borrow or rent if you can. Ebooks and tablets are great if you don’t mind reading from a screen all the time.

      You have to buy your own white coats, but your class executive (which you usually elect at the start of the year) will organize that for you. Dress code for the first two years is casual.

      Buying groceries and cooking is always cheaper than eating out! It also depends on your habits and your willingness to cook, lol.

      Congrats again and best of luck!


  3. Okay thanks! So I dont need to buy any white blazers or coats before I arrive? We will be ordering and buying particular coats from the school or class executive?

    Also, will we be assigned previous med students or second yrs to help guide us as first yr med students?



    1. No need to buy white coats. Ordering coats from a private seamstress through the class executive (you can opt to find your own seamstress).

      You will be assigned a med sibling to help guide you through the years. :)

      Good luck!


  4. Okay, thanks so much! Also, since I have a few wks left before classes start should I review some of my old college science notes or bring some of those books with me? I heard med school classes go at a very fast pace, so I wanted to be prepared and not fall behind.


  5. Okay thx and I probably have asked you this before but in terms of preparing for the final exam at the end of each class, what is the best advice to do well? (in addition to pacing yourself)

    Thanks so much!


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