It’s a Good Morning

Last night I did yoga for the first time.

I’ve been talking about it for years – of course the closest I’ve ever come was attempting a two hour instructional video and giving up after the first five minutes. But last night under the stars in the instructor’s backyard with a light summer breeze brushing against my straining muscles, crickets and muted traffic playing background music I pushed myself to keep up and finish what I’d started. It paid off. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed in a way I haven’t felt for a long, long time.

The only sad thing is that Montego Bay doesn’t have many opportunities like this. For a city that is jam-packed with tourists and expatriates our culture is ridiculously under-globalized. And once these opportunities spring up they’re usually available to only an elite group of people (uptowners). The Western end of the island is struggling to keep up with the East, even though Kingston is the only city on that end that’s spearheading development.

Still, I am grateful for the expansion of alternative hobbies and activities in my hometown. Dance classes are becoming more popular, cafes are patronized more often (and by people who aren’t tourists). Now there is yoga (there has probably been yoga for a while). And while these opportunities wax and wane in response to public support and financial solvency, I hope there will be a gradual evolution of fun (and healthy!) things to do in the second city.

We can be more than just our beaches (but we do have awesome beaches).

12 thoughts on “It’s a Good Morning

  1. It is amazing, the transformations that begin to happen when you get further and further into your practice. I’m happy you’ve started your journey and am excited for you to see where it takes you.

    And on the note of having many opportunities in Mobay, you can practice online–youtube–there are many teachers with as many offerings. You can search through and see if there are any who resonate with you. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been practicing with Melissa West. Her approach and accompanying teachings have really called to me and every time, I kid you not, every time I take one of her classes it happens to be precisely what I needed in that moment. …perhaps she won’t resonate with you at this moment, perhaps she will, but check it out and explore.

    Love, light and blessings.


  2. Keirn says:

    Funny enough, I did 25 minutes of yoga plus cardio this morning for the first time ever to go with my BooTee Detox and it was good. Then I come here and see your post about doing the same activity.


  3. theyoungplum says:

    Yes. back. we can get in a hoorah later. It is strange the things we take for granted that might not exist in such splendor everywhere else. When I’m in New York I feel like I’m tripping over places to do yoga.

    UNRELATED, I just got wayyyyy into meditation, because life will not have me losing my hair in my 20’s. I just like to see black folks making healthy, mindful, changes in our lives. Keep it up!


      1. theyoungplum says:

        Okay. Don’t play me. I visit NC, but I live in North Carolina, we have everything. Beaches, mountains, cities, farms, racists, you name it.


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