Dear Patients: Please Stop Asking Me for Sick Leave

Dear Patients,

Please stop asking me to write you sick leave and then getting disgruntled when I say no. If I don’t think you’re sick enough to stay home then that is the medical opinion you have paid/waited in line for. If you don’t like it you can go and pay/wait in line somewhere else. Please stop asking us (doctors) to compromise our ethical standards (and potentially risk losing our license to practice) for your benefit. It’s considered fraud. I wouldn’t show up to your place of work asking you to break the rules; I only want you to extend the same courtesy to us.




While we’re at it, please stop asking me to write your prescription in someone else’s name. It’s not just that your boyfriend clearly has no medical use for the vaginal inserts I’ve prescribed for you, it’s also insurance fraud. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Dear Patients: Please Stop Asking Me for Sick Leave

  1. I can only imagine how annoying this must get. I went to the Family court during my comm health rotation earlier this year and this policeman, a lawyer and I got into a conversation which eventually led to talking about sick leave. I insisted I’d never “sell sick leave” as they put it and it became a huge guffaw about how I’ll be one poor doctor forever unless I “loosen my stance”. It’s sad that that’s the perception some people have of doctors. Hold on to morals yah! Sacrificed too much for that licence 🙂

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    1. It’s sad that there are GPs out here doing just that, and giving the rest of us a bad name. Not to mention giving patients the impression that they’re entitled to sick leave once they pay you. But yes, we sacrificed too much for this license to risk it for nothing.

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