the Blog

For ease of reference, this is a lifestyle blog curated and authored by Robyn AS.

It’s a space for personal growth and the exploration of adulthood (and other myths). There are short essays and think pieces about feminism, the career of medicine, Jamaican society, and my occasional foray into domesticity.

In the archives there are stories about my life in medical school along with advice about medical school and the UWI in general*. In particular, my most popular post about UWI medical school has turned into a welcoming forum of support and information for prospective UWI medical students.

Thank you for stopping by.


*Please note that I am in no way affiliated with the University. My only source of knowledge is from having gone to school there for five years. 

18 thoughts on “the Blog

  1. kpetro13 says:

    I also (may have) written some (terrible) fanfiction back in high school. I was a young girl with too much to say and no space to say it…and I had a thing for Hugh Laurie from House, M.D.


    • read.robin says:

      Me too! Wow, I thought it was just something I’d grow out of. But fanfiction spoiled me for writing original fiction. Character development is such a big deal for me now. :(


      • kenliano says:

        Ah, it’s sort of the same for me… I tend to use original characters in my fanfiction, but the thing about fanfiction (the way I do it, anyway) is that the world is already created for you, you just need to put characters in it. So, it’s sort of hard to break out of that… I’m getting better, though!


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