A Book Lover’s Ballad

Books, novels, tomes
Works and opuses galore
Gilded spines and bounded pages
Oh, what adventures in store!

Shall I choose a sappy romance?
Full of charming rogues and distressed dames?
Love that’s unrequited or forbidden
Or perhaps just full of silly games

Or should I choose a grisly horror?
So well-written you hear the screams
And hide under your sheets in terror
And dread the final murder scene

I could even sail the seven seas
Run with pirates from the navy
Hide my loot with clever maps
Be young and dashing, suave and savvy

On these shelves are destinations
Far off points in time and space
You only need imagination
And zap! You’re in a different place.

I could not begin to tell you all
The stories that you could unfold
The grand delight! Oh, the excitement!
That lie in wait for every soul!

Written c. 2011