They call this drive-by posting

I have mentioned The Bloggess before on this blog, seeing as she’s one of my modern-day literary heroes (at least when it comes to blogging). Recently I found this post from her on The Library (aka the year 2013) incredibly comforting, which is what most of her blog posts are like. The Bloggess is really, really cuddly. Like a taxidermied rat with a cape. (Fellow Bloggess readers will appreciate this lame attempt at a joke).

She writes,

In The Library you are safe.  It smells of old books and worlds you’ve yet to explore.  It smells of worlds you’ve loved that beckon you back.  It smells of the bacon sandwich the guy in the corner has smuggled in while he devours words and food, not sure which is more filling.

In the library you are prepping.

Isn’t it wonderful? Read more here (and yes, I linked the post twice in one blog).