Mortal Kombat: Facebook vs. Last’s Anatomy

Shameless use of MK is shameless


Last’s Anatomy uses: relations of the inferior vena cava
Facebook blocks
Facebook uses: funny pictures
Last’s Anatomy suffers damage

Last’s Anatomy uses: attachments of psoas major…
Facebook suffers minor damage

Facebook uses: interesting links to
Last’s Anatomy suffers damage

Facebook uses: conversations with random people
Facebook uses: notifications


Facebook uses: combo: update profile picture, update status, check news feed


Facebook wins.

When dreams come true (and kind of screw you over)

(This entry mostly humorous. Mostly. :))

Anatomy needs to lose weight to compete with the internet.

I never thought I’d say this, but it seems like life was a whole lot easier when I didn’t have an internet connection at my fingertips. People expected less of me. They were simpler times. I was happier.

Now that I have it, I have to use it to study. The horror! One of the reasons (the only reason, really) I have internet access so readily is that it’s fairly integral to my studies. How integral could it be, you may argue, if medical students ten or twenty years ago didn’t have it and graduated just fine? To which I would succinctly reply, they didn’t have Facebook.

Another thing is that now I actually have to do all those things I told people I couldn’t do because I didn’t have net access that often. Like update WordPress (I like to be meta sometimes), or hang out with my fanfiction peeps, or fangirl over Super Junior. Those are all hilariously unrealistic ideals because we all know the only thing I fangirl over is Doctor Who. And cats. The same goes for ‘things I update’, and ‘people I hang out with’.

The sad reality is that all this newfound net-savvy streak is doing for me is making me a much better procrastinator. That’s why at midnight on a school night, I am typing this entry instead of pre-reading for my lectures tomorrow.

Thank you, internet.