That sound you hear is my followers count rolling into the triple digits.

Tomorrow and Friday I have the worst exams of fourth year (Pathology aka The Balls Buster – they used to use this exam to kick people out of medical school. Now we just do a bunch of resits. Not that I intend to resit this exam though given the fact that I’m writing this instead of studying who knows?).

But to take the stress off, I am celebrating my 100th follower. Not the actual follower himself, see, just the number 100. It’s so nice and round (but still pointy!) and triple digited. And I always said that if I ever got to 100, I’d make a nice celebratory post. So here it is.

This kitten is too excited for words. Or maybe having a petit mal. I have no real life experience with kittens.

You’re welcome.

Thank you.

According to my stats as of 17.08.12, I have 504 followers

Fly away
Follow the leader! (Image by 55Laney69 via Flickr)

I don’t actually have 504 followers.

Just thought I’d put that out there. But I have 20 followers.

And that’s a lot.

So thanks for, you know, sticking around.