Riding in cars with boys

We only wish we looked like this.

The most fun I ever had travelling for four hours, I had in a car with three guys on our way to Kingston. Allow me to add some context to that. My dance group wanted to see a performance at the UWI campus in Mona, and even though everyone was “interested in going”, the journey ended up being a Three’s Company role reversal. I didn’t honestly mind. I was just really excited to be seeing the first full-length ballet rendition of Annie Palmer.

I got dibs on the music, even though I didn’t ride shotgun, and from Trelawny to Kingston it was a non-stop party. We laughed, we sang, we shouted, we danced (some more vigorously than others). I earned the moniker ‘DJ Docta Bird’. And to this day I can’t think of anything more fun than speeding along an endless highway blasting Tina Turner’s Rolling and singing along at the top of your lungs.

We didn’t even mind (that much) when we arrived at intermission.

What was your most memorable road trip?