What Would Robyn Read: on Love

In real, real life when I’m away from the computer I’m having six hour days on the surgery wards getting all sorts of despairingly complex and maddeningly simple information thrown at me. When I retire to the internet, I delve into the quirky and non-medical. I figure (depending on who you talk to) the business of love is as far away from science as you can get.

For those who don’t know (aka me, three weeks ago) The New York Times runs a segment called Modern Love which publishes essays from readers on that most chemically and emotionally confusing topic. Curated by editor Daniel Jones, there are essays written by range of subjects as diverse in their demographics as they are in their content.

I started reading the top ten list one lazy Saturday morning (that really should not have been lazy) and I liked it enough to share with you here.

Have a look at the top ten best Modern Love columns ever.

I used to think that elder love, if it even existed, was confined to rocking chairs or golf carts, that it had to be a dull business because of the physical limitations of age. -Nora Johnson, 2013