Oral tradition, medical school and various pictures

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to blog about. This isn’t a particularly distressing occurrence if your blog is fairly new, because you can’t possibly have run out of things to talk about already. You just can’t think of any at the moment. A good way to overcome potential writer’s block (the horror!) is to figure out what people want to read and then write that. See how I said ‘good’ and not ‘easy’?

Lately my blog statistics have gotten pretty interesting. Not because five views on one blog entry is particularly astounding (okay let’s face it, that is pretty astounding, at least for me), but because they’re a good indicator of what my audience likes to hear.

Hello, audience? It's me, Robyn

Apparently my audience couldn’t care less about my heartfelt letter to a schoolboy and is only interested in boring topics like the number of students at UWI medical school campuses. (The answer is far too many for student comfort and not nearly enough for UWI’s budget plans). The preceding was an excellent example of shameless search engine optimization.

When there are too many med students...

So while my stats trend more on the modest side of attention, they’re telling me I’m on the right track here. I started this blog so that more informal yaadie opinions could reach the search engines, and it’s working, you guys.