Few things in life are as pleasant as a hot shower after a long day.

standards of happiness

I’m on the path to lowering my standards for happiness.

Sometimes I feel like I have to work so hard to feel good when the bad feelings creep in and take up residence without me even noticing. If I can remind myself to enjoy the little pleasures of life whenever I happen across them, I will be that much closer to always being in a happy place.

People will probably think I’m silly, but I don’t care. If we all start looking for happiness actively, unhappiness won’t stand as much of a chance.

I’ll be sharing my little happinesses here every Saturday for as long as I continue to find them. They’ll be thoughts or feelings or experiences that resonate with me, but I’m encouraging anyone who reads this to think about their own petits bonheurs (Fr. little pleasures) and feel free to share them in the comments.