in which I pretend to be Elizabeth Gilbert

image not mine.
the Scrabble tiles have spoken.

I will be spending ten days in Barbados, starting on December 21 (aka the end of the world) and I plan to blog every minute of it. Every minute I’m not doing things, that is. Because that’s the point of going somewhere new, usually. And I tend to forget that.

Barbados is a little big island that is eastern-most of the Caribbean islands. Most of the world probably knows Barbados because it gave them Rihanna. I know Barbados for their literacy levels (almost 100%), their soca (wuk it up) and their accents (indecipherable). I look forward to adding more things to that list.

I haven’t travelled much. In fact, other than a month in London when I was about eight years old, I haven’t travelled at all. (Side note: In Jamaica, you have this dichotomy of children who went to Disneyland every other summer and the children who, for one reason or another, never went anywhere). This trip is going to be a whole new experience for me.

Good thing I love new experiences.


Backdating this entry, ’cause I can. 

3 thoughts on “in which I pretend to be Elizabeth Gilbert

    1. I found out in high school, and vowed that one way or another my children would be raised in that kind of an education system.

      But during my stay I found numerous misspellings on signs all over the place. That’s irony for you.


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