Not Your Average Bucket List

The same choreographer from my previous post is all about process. She gave each of us a bucket and told us to write our personal struggle(s) on a sheet of paper and place it in the bucket. Then she had us move towards the bucket like we were moving through our struggle. And then move towards it like we were halfway through our struggle. And finally to run towards it like we were free of that struggle. It ended up being a really emotional rehearsal that raised some personal questions from me. Like, why do I get upset so easily? and, do I really want to make myself this vulnerable?

I think I’m going to find the answer to these questions some time within the next month, because this process? It’s all about opening up and dealing with my issues, while I’m usually more of a sweep it under the rug kind of person. Yes, I realize how unhealthy that is. Maybe by the end of this dance about dealing with struggles and leaving them behind, I’ll have dealt with my struggles (relationships, guilt, insecurity) and left them behind.

Maybe I can do like this girl:

image not mine.

3 thoughts on “Not Your Average Bucket List

  1. Which definition of ‘sweep under the rug’ do you prefer? It’s quite flexible. And custom-made. Even comes with a dosage spoon. Dosage instructions not included. Whatever works for you.


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