I am trying really hard to be frustrated right now.

I spent the entire day running around and dancing on a stadium sized field in the hot sun. My ankle has been hurting for several hours. When I got home I finally managed to get tokens for the laundry, only to find (after taking a much-needed shower) that of the three machines provided for use by 100 girls, none were actually available. I’ve been waiting for a machine to be available for almost two hours now. It is cold. I am tired.

But I am being inspired by my favourite tumblr: happythings; by a new site I found dedicated to typewritten poetry (tylerknott) and by the shiny new Windows 8 OS that is on my laptop’s shiny new hard drive. (Because when your laptop is working properly, you can conquer the world). I can’t fight the sense of accomplishment I feel after working so hard today, either. And though guilt is inevitably eating at me (like these mosquitoes) about avoiding school work for the last week, I am actually at a very peaceful place right now.

Thank you, universe, for thwarting my misguided frustration.

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