on Meeting Kieran King

On Saturday night I met Kieran King at a play. I remember thinking that (1) he looked an awful lot like a vampire (pale as moonlight and dressed all in black) and (2) my grandfather had a hat just like that.

He’s soft-spoken and unassuming for the first five minutes after you meet him (I can’t comment on anything beyond five minutes) and he kept his hand in his pockets the entire time he talked, rocking back and forth like some errant schoolboy, scuffing his toes on the ground. I found him to be endearingly cynical and charmingly clever and I think there’s a lot I could learn from someone like him.

We chatted about theatre critique and the disillusionment of our respective generations and we agreed that what is wrong with Jamaica is that the people who are in charge think they’re right about everything. I felt every second of my 22 years and wished for more (I’m not cynical enough to be this old). Discussions like those always leave me feeling like a little girl playing dress-up. Hopefully I come across as mature for my age.

But if I was older I wouldn’t have been nearly as excited about meeting one of my literary idols as I was that night. :)


6 thoughts on “on Meeting Kieran King

  1. I’m IN LOVE with his mind. I met him a while back–after I saw Taboo. We spoke for a while and he asked me to join a project he was working on. I attended a few sessions but dropped out after a couple of weeks…I didn’t feel I was contributing meaningfully. I learned A LOT from him in the time though… I regret not continuing but…meh. :/


    1. WHAT IS THIS PROJECT? I must know. I wonder if he’s working on any other projects. . .

      I’m pretty sure you were contributing more than you think. Our minds have a way of telling us we suck more than we actually do. :\


      1. lol haaaaha!… It was this idea he had for a TV series. I’m sure he’s probably working on sumn new.So, funny story, ran into him at UWI Singers’ Concert Season opening night. I was nervous that he was going to all “Who are you again?..Oh right, the flaker!” but he was totally cool. …*swoons* lol


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