This Is Water

As I write this I’m sitting under a gazebo at the Hotel Versalles in May Pen, Clarendon. But I’m not on vacation, I’m about to start the first two weeks of my ten week Internal Medicine rotation which will begin at the May Pen Hospital.

Sometimes in this whirlwind of a degree I get to pause and look around and just be grateful for the opportunities I am afforded. Like travel. I have travelled more in the last 4 years than in all my 22 years put together. I’ve gotten to know parts of my country that I’ve never even heard of.

Like Highgate, St. Mary where we spent two weeks on our Community Health rotation and where I learnt a whole lot about rural living and health care.

Or Mandeville, Manchester where we spent the last three weeks of Paediatrics and where I exercised my penchant for exploring unknown pathways.

Or here in May Pen with it’s half-abandoned houses, sweltering roads and messy sprawl of a town centre that reminds me comfortably of home minus the hills. We’re in the middle of a drought but the fish don’t seem to mind. fish2

Maybe I too should just keep swimming.

9 thoughts on “This Is Water

  1. Keep swimming my friend :) I’m glad you’re able to travel more due to school. It always amazes me how foreigners often know Jamaica better than I do… Hope to get to travel more myself. Portland is on the top of my list.


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