Thank You, and Goodnight

Well Read Robin has been a feature of my life for the last ten years, a space to write my feelings, share my observations and figure stuff out. This blog took me through my teens and tumultuous twenties, a lifeboat I was grateful to cling to, but I think now it has outlived its purpose.

Back in 2007 when fanfiction was in its heyday, one of the worst things an author could do was quit halfway through a really great story with no explanation. I can’t tell you the number of fics I got hooked on that dumped me unceremoniously at Chapter 25 [unfinished] with a ‘Last Updated’ date more than two years before. The cruelty still stings. That’s why I felt it necessary to write this final chapter, so all thirteen of my semi-regular readers won’t be left with a cliffhanger. I’m hoping that a dignified transition is better than trailing off into the darkness so here goes.

To anyone who’s been reading this from my early days in med school – thank you. I appreciate the fact that you found my ramblings entertaining enough to stick around for and I wish you many more happy reading adventures.

To anyone who stumbles across this after 2020, please do enjoy the archive of mildly entertaining ramblings written by a Jamaican millennial with a healthy appetite for books and sarcasm.

I am delighted and perplexed that people are still finding and commenting on my post about UWI medical school. Regrettably I’m unable to respond to individual comments (or even moderate them at this point), and any advice I could offer is by now undoubtedly outdated. The latest generation of med students is a lot more vocal than I’ve ever been and a quick search of popular social media sites should direct you to someone who’ll be happy to help.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a range of fascinating and wonderful people through this platform, some of whom I’ve gone on to connect with in real life. Though I’m leaving WRR behind, I’ll be taking those friendships with me. If you’d like to keep up with my goings on, my social media handles are all at the top of this page.

Saying goodbye to this blog is like saying goodbye to a favourite old coat. Well-worn, certainly has seen better days, a bit out of fashion but uniquely and reassuringly mine, in a way that few things are. As I head off to explore new adventures, this blog will not be coming with me. I plan to keep writing, though, and as soon as my words find a new home you all will be the first to know.

Til then, walk good.

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