Fickle is a fashion statement

Not Different Just Special
I’m going to pretend those are red blood cells in plasma, when everyone else is plain Hypnotiq. (Photo credit: nickwheeleroz)

You may (or may  not) have noticed that I change layouts on this blog more often than a newborn’s diapers.

I keep trying to find the one combination of colour and text that perfectly fits the voice of my blog. Which is ridiculous, because there is no one voice on this blog. I run the gamut from rigidly formal to silly and trite, and finding one (free) theme to fit all that would just be impossible.

But this particular theme is a bit more than just a combination of colour and text. This theme, or rather my choice of it, makes a statement. Currently, I’m using the Ever After theme, one of WordPress’ new wedding themes. Since this is decidedly not a wedding blog, this theme is saying “I don’t have to conform to your expectations. I can be anything I want to be.”

And that’s exactly what this blog is saying too.

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